Our mission is to eliminate waste acids from the stainless steel industry.


What we do

We developed REGMAX®, a process to recover all waste acid contents, to enable a closed loop of materials being used during stainless steel pickling. Using our REGMAX® technology your company will benefit from:

  • Highest Resource Efficiency
  • > 90% OPEX Reduction
  • Independency from Acid Supply
  • Highest Flexibility for Pickling Operation
  • Positive CSR Impact

Learn more about our process and our first two REGMAX plants being installed in Europe.

Who we are

We are team of experts specializing in acid regeneration plants and the pickling process. We have developed a process for the total recovery of mixed acids from stainless steel pickling. With this new process, we offer tailor-made solutions for your company to lower your operation costs and to to make your pickling operation "green".

Why we do it

Our drive at SUSTEC is to develop solutions lowering both your environmental impact and your operational costs. We identified stainless steel pickling as a process step with huge improvement potential, since until today, it has caused environmental problems and wasted valuable resources. Our vision was to develop a technology that would eliminate all the waste streams generated during stainless steel pickling. Today, we can offer the REGMAX® technology, a solution to turn your pickling waste into fresh resources.

Highest Acid Regeneration Efficiency

Cost Savings

Clean Water

Metal Recovery

Conservation of Resources



About our work

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