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2nd REGMAX® started acid operation in Q12020

Our Upsacled REGMAX technology became operationl in Q1 2020

The REGMAX® plant being build next to our customers pickling lines was ready for cold and water testing in late 2019. After finalizing those test sucessfully the plant became operational with acid in early 2020 to enable large scale demonstration of our technology.  REGMAX® prevents harmful damage to the local ecosystems by not disposing of waste acids nor contaminated wastewater. The stainless-steel manufacturer’s consumption or disposal of the acids is eliminated, reducing the environmental impact of pickling. Generated metal oxides will be reused for the production of stainless steel and the valuable metals are reused instead of being landfilled. The process also improves the energy efficiency of plants and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, thereby mitigating the effects of climate change. This large scale demonstration was co-financed by the H2020 SME instrument.

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